Information about Loose Leaf Tea

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Loose Leaf Teas

Loose leaf teas are by definition whole tea leaves. High quality loose leaf teas are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant's finest hand-picked buds and larger piece of whole tea leaves. Depending on the size of the loose leaf teas you will need to pay attention to storage of your teas. Loose leaf tea is best stored in an airtight container in a cool place (not inside the fridge) away from sunlight. At MixedTea your purchased tea comes in a tin can with an air tight lid to keep your tea fresh longer. These tin cans offer a good tea container in a smaller size that makes the storage easier. It is more important to keep your tea in an air tight container than the typical loose leaf tea chests or loose leaf tea box that some tea companies recommend for purchasing.

Loose Leaf vs tea bags

Loose Leaf teas are whole tea leaves and are typically of a higher quality than regular tea bags. The primary reason why teas in tea bags are of less quality is because the tea bag making machines require the teas to be smaller in size and length in order to avoid jamming the equipment. However the newer equipments are able to handle larger size teas. You would find these tea bags in the shape of pyramids. Many people who want the quality of loose leaf teas but the convenience of tea bags, use tea filters to make their own tea bags from the quality loose leaves they purchase.

Places to buy loose leaf tea

While you have many choices to buy loose leaf from regular retail stores or online, it’s best to pay attention to the quality of the tea. Many of the online and retail stores offer the same, mass-produced tea selection under different names and labels. At MixedTea we offer a smaller selection of hand-picked teas from some of the best regions and estates around the world. As a general rule, if you see packaged tea in your grocery aisle (whether it’s Amazon or Walmart or Whole Foods), chances are you’re looking at a mass-produced tea operation. As with many things, you should try the teas and see if you like the quality and taste of the teas. You can buy loose leaf tea in bulk from wholesalers but you end up committing to a larger quantity of one type of tea. MixedTea offers a unique service where you can make your own mix and recipe of teas to be mixed from our selection of quality loose leaf teas. The advantage of such a service is that you don’t have to buy several types of teas at once to make your special tea blend.

How to brew your loose leaf tea

The basic concepts in brewing tea is 1. hot water, 2. brewing time and 3. amount of tea. The key to a great cup of tea is finding the right balance of the above for the type of tea you are brewing. You may choose a tea infuser or strainer to avoid having your tea leaves clutter your drink (and easier to enjoy just the tea, not the leaves). Each tea comes with recommendation on the temperature of the water and time to steep and brew the tea. You don’t have to get scientific and exact about the temperature and time, and you should experiment with variations to your liking. Typically the temperature of the water is at or just below boiling. Some of the more delicate teas such as white tea or Matcha produce better drinks if the water is not too hot. The duration of brewing is also something you should experiment with. The typical brewing time of most teas is 2-3 minutes. The tricky part of brewing tea in a tea cup is that the tea cup loses heat quickly, therefore in 2 or 3 minutes the temperature of the water has dropped, hence making the remaining brewing time less effective. Some of the tea making machines or infusers provide a better protection of water temperature than an open cup. Some groups and cultures use tea kettle or tea pot to keep the water temperature at a constant level by keeping it on a slow heat source. The amount of loose leaf tea and the duration of brew time determines the intensity and color of the tea. The longer you brew the tea, the stronger the flavor and (typically) darker the color gets. At some point the tea starts to turn bitter or too dark. Again, experiment yourself with these parameters to determine what is a good combination for the taste of the tea you desire.

Loose Leaf Tea Benefits

To find out the benefits of loose leaf tea, please visit our Learn About Tea section of MixedTea website.

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